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Where is Yemeni Aqeeq agate extracted from?

Where is Yemeni Aqeeq agate extracted from?

Before delving into where Yemeni Aqeeq is extracted, let us first briefly explain what Yemeni Aqeeq is:

Yemeni Agate aqeeq

Yemeni Aqeeq is a precious stone that is extracted from the land of Yemen. It is known for its diversity in types and colors. It is used in the manufacturing of rings, necklaces, beads, art pieces, and various other ornaments. It is also believed to have spiritual and health benefits. Yemeni Aqeeq is renowned for its high quality, which sets it apart from other types of agate worldwide, granting it a significant position among gemstones.

من أين يستخرج العقيق اليماني؟
Dagger handles made of Yemeni Agate Aqeeq

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Perhaps it is necessary to mention a brief overview of the types of Yemeni Aqeeq to complete the picture before revealing where Yemeni Aqeeq is extracted from.

What are the types of Yemeni Agates?

There are many types of Yemeni Agate, including red Yemeni Agate, cherry, liver, ruby, pomegranate, sky blue, white, pink/purple, black, black (Orca whale), striped, Bqarani, Dawoodi/Eye Agate/Wolf's Eye, tree-like, flowery, Yemeni Shams Honor, Agate (Slave's Lip), Bloostone, Sulaimani, Thahlabi, Za'faran, snake/tiger skin, needle, Ismaili, Agate Jaza, banded, green jade, quartz, and star stone

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من أين يستخرج العقيق اليماني؟
One of the workers in Yemeni Agate extraction is carrying a massive piece of Yemeni Agate.

Where is Yemeni Aqeeq agate extracted from?

he Yemeni Agate is extracted in Yemen from several main regions. In this article, we will get to know some of them

The Anes Mountains in Dhamar Governorate:

Alhan Mountain is one of the prominent sites for extracting Yemeni Agate in the Anes Mountains. This place is considered one of the oldest locations in Yemen that is famous for Yemeni Agate extraction, and it has been known since ancient civilizations in Yemen

من أين يستخرج العقيق اليماني؟
The raw red Yemeni Agate stones

The Yemeni Agate extracted from Alhan Mountain is known for its high quality, beautiful color, and unique designs. Additionally, Yemeni Agate is also available in Mount Dhouran and Almanar, both located in Anes. Each type of Agate has its own special characteristics and unique charm.

"There is no doubt that the Yemeni Agate extracted from the Anes Mountains holds significant historical and cultural value in Yemen. This agate has been used since ancient times in the production of jewelry, tools, and artifacts. It is a unique natural material that possesses unmatched beauty and authenticity. Just imagine the craftsmanship and skill artisans employ to create magnificent works of art using this precious agate

There is no doubt that the Yemeni Agate extracted from the Anes Mountains holds immense historical and cultural value in Yemen. This splendid agate has been cherished since ancient times, finding its way into the creation of exquisite jewelry, essential tools, and remarkable artifacts. It is a truly exceptional natural material, radiating unparalleled beauty and authenticity. Just imagine the sheer artistry and skill displayed by artisans as they craft magnificent works of art using this precious and captivating agate.

Subaa area in Anes

The Subaa area is truly one of the prominent areas in the extraction of Yemeni Agate in Anaes, where the extraction of Yemeni Agate has been taking place for decades. The agate extracted from this area is known as "Al-Suba'i" and it is characterized by its darker color compared to other regions.

The Yemeni Subai Agate is also distinguished by slightly less transparency compared to the agate extracted from the Alhan region. This characteristic gives the Sabai Agate a beautiful and unique effect when used in jewelry making. The Subaa area is highly renowned in the world of agate extraction, attracting many craftsmen and enthusiasts of this precious stone to source raw agate stones from it in order to meet the demands of their customers.

Some districts in Dhamar:

There are many other regions and districts in Dhamar Governorate where Yemeni Agate is extracted, such as the districts of Ans and Autma. These areas are known for extracting specific types of agate.

Other governorates:

The discovery of Yemeni Agate is not limited to Dhamar Governorate alone. There are other governorates in Yemen where certain types of Yemeni Agate are also extracted. Among these governorates, you can find Sana'a, Ibb, Taiz, and Shabwa, where there are mines for agate extraction.

How is Yemeni Aqeeq (Agate) extracted?

Yemeni Agate is extracted using simple manual methods that rely on the use of traditional tools. Chisels and hammers are used to extract the agate from the rocks.

عامل في جبل آنس اليمن يستخرج العقيق اليماني
A worker in Anes mountain, Yemen, extracts Yemeni Agate

Typically, the work begins by identifying the potential area where Yemeni Agate is present in the rocks. This is done based on the knowledge and accumulated experience of the workers in this field. After locating the site, the workers carefully extract the agate from the rocks using chisels and hammers. The volcanic and metamorphic rocks are delicately broken to access the agate inside

In some rare cases, simple equipment such as compressors may be used to facilitate the excavation process in deeper rocks. Digging can reach depths exceeding 10 meters to access the layers of agate. Sometimes, the search for agate is also conducted in sedimentary rocks that may contain excellent agate stones.

The extraction of Yemeni Agate is considered a meticulous process that requires expertise and precision. It is truly beautiful to witness this traditional manual process that preserves the beauty and authenticity of Yemeni Agate.

How does raw Yemeni Aqeeq (Agate) stone look like?

The Yemeni Agate is not found in its ready-made form as we see it in beads and prayer beads, but it is usually found in the form of irregular raw blocks. Additionally, the agate is often mixed with soil and other rocks that host it.

أحجار العقيق اليماني الأحمر الزغفراني الخام
Raw Yemeni Agate stones, red saffron in color

What are the stages of processing Yemeni Aqeeq stone?

Yemeni Agate is processed through several steps and stages to obtain the magnificent Yemeni Agate stone that we see. We will briefly mention some of them

  1. Extracting agate from the mines.
  2. Sorting the stones manually under light and selecting the suitable ones for processing.
  3. Cleaning the stone from rocks and dirt.
  4. The cutting process using an electric saw.
  5. The grinding and shaping process using a grinding machine.
  6. The polishing process using a polishing machine and polishing powder.
  7. The faceting process (optional) using special tools.
  8. Heat-treatment for some sorts of Yemeni Agates.
احد الجراخين يجرخ حجر العقيق اليماني الاحمر
Processing Yemeni Agate, red agate, Yemen, gemstones,

Tools and equipment used in processing Yemeni Agate.

There are many tools and machines used in processing Yemeni Agate, and here are some of them:

  • Sawing Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • Polishing Machine
  • Polishing Powder
  • Sanding Paper
  • Faceting Machine
  • Safety tools
اثنان من الحرفيين اليمنيين يلمعون العقيق اليماني
Agate Artisans polish Yemeni Agate

where to Buy lapidary tools in Yemen:

You can purchase Yemeni Agate processing tools from many shops within Yemen, including "Alam Almas" store, which imports and sells everything related to the agate industry,

In addition to selling tools and equipment, "Alam Almas" store offers training courses for using the tools and machines. These courses are conducted by qualified and specialized trainers in the agate industry. So, if you wish to acquire the necessary skills for using the tools correctly and effectively, you can join these beneficial training courses!

عالم الماس لبيع ادوات شغل العقيق اليماني

written By: Ahmed Mohammed Rawdhan