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What is Yemeni Agate gemstone?

Yemeni Agate: 

 A precious stone extracted from the land of Yemen. It has many types and colors and it is used in rings, rosaries, beads, ...etc. It has other uses as the seek of its benefits as many people believe. Yemeni agate is distinguished by its quality from many other agates in the world and has great importance among gemstones. Through this article, we will know more about what is Yemeni agate?

Agate stone consists of chalcedony and quartz as basic components and is found in volcanic and metamorphic rocks. (From the Yemeni Agates website) Yemeni Agates )

ماهو العقيق اليماني؟حجر عقيق يماني خام
Raw Yemeni agate

Let us know more about what is Yemeni agate? More than one definition of the agate stone has been mentioned in dictionaries and historical and modern books to the extent of the information the authors were able to access, such as the following definitions:

Agate: is a variety a type of red bead.

 Agate: is precious stone from which the cabochons are made, found in Yemen and the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

Aqeeq: the one piece of it is called is aqeeqah, and the plural is Aagah. It is a red gemstone from which rings and rosary beads are made. It is found in Yemen.( Dictionary of Meanings) The Dictionary of Meanings 

ماهو العقيق اليماني؟العقيق اليماني الاحمر
}cabochons of Red Yemeni Agate

The terminological meaning of agate: What is the Yemeni agate? In Arabic?

A precious stone of different colors used for ornaments. Meaning that it is one of the precious stones from which jewelry is made (from Al-Jamhara website) Aljamharah)

ماهو العقيق اليماني؟قلادة فضة نسائي وخاتم من العقيق اليماني الاحمر
Women's necklace and ring made of red Yemeni agate

What is the meaning of the term aqeeq in Arabic :

Agate in the Arabic language is a name given to a type of precious stone. One of the features of agate is that it has many colors that are used to make cabochons. (From a subject dictionary)

ماهو العقيق اليماني؟عقيق يماني اخضر وابيض واسود مترش
White, green and black faceted Yemeni agate stones

It becomes clearer to us what is the Yemeni onyx? Let's read the following definition from Wikipedia for agate in general

Agate is known as the striped species Chalcedony it comes in many colors. Agate is mainly formed within volcanic and metamorphic rocks. (on Wikipedia )

ماهو العقيق اليماني؟ عقيق يماني خام مخطط
Raw and banded Yemeni agate chunk

Agate is also known as a semi-precious stone composed of silica minerals known as chalcedony. Which in turn comes in multiple sets of different colors. ( on Britannica)

ماهو العقيق اليماني؟ عقيق يماني داوودي نادر
Dawoody Yemeni Agates

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