The Yemeni Dawoodi picture Aqeeq - Authenticity and natural beauty

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The Yemeni Dawoodi picture Aqeeq, an authentic gemstone from Yemen, is distinguished by its natural image and unique formation.


Discover the magic and beauty of the Yemeni Dawoodi picture Aqeeq, an authentic gemstone extracted from the depths of Yemen. This unique stone comes from ancient Yemeni mines, where it is known for its authenticity and pure nature. The Yemeni Dawoodi Aqeeq is famous for its high quality and natural formations that resemble artistic pictures inside the stone.

The Dawoodi picture Aqeeq is not just a gemstone, but a piece of nature that carries within it breathtaking beauty and natural images formed by its unique mineral composition and distinct geological conditions in Yemen. This stone is perfect for gemstone collectors and enthusiasts of luxury and elegance, as it combines the beauty of nature with a rich historical background.

حجر العقيق اليماني الداوودي المصور الطبيعي على ضوء الشمس
The natural Yemeni Dawoodi picture Aqeeq stone in sunlight

Size of the cab

Length: 24mm

Width: 20mm

Height: 11mm

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