Authentic Yemeni Dawoody Agate - Rare Color and Shape

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Authentic Yemeni Dawoody Agate - Rare Color and Shape, a rare gemstone extracted from Yemen and crafted in Sana'a by skilled artisans.


Discover the authentic Yemeni Dawoody Agate - Rare Color and Shape, a rare natural gemstone extracted from the depths of Yemen. This luxurious stone is meticulously crafted at the Yemeni Agate Workshop in Sana'a by skilled artisans, ensuring a piece of art that combines heritage and high quality.

Yemeni Dawoody Agate is an exquisite stone that is perfect for rare gemstone collectors, whether for personal use or as a precious gift for a dear friend. This stone is known for its vibrant colors and unique natural shapes, making it ideal for use in designing luxurious jewelry pieces such as rings, necklaces, and other distinctive accessories.

حجر عقيق يماني داوودي موضوع على على راحة اليد
Yemeni Dawoody agate on hand

Size of the cab

Length: 30mm

Width: 20mm

Height: 14mm

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