The exquisite Yemeni Ibari Aqeeq: A touch of luxury and authenticity

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The original Yemeni Ibari Aqeeq

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Sparkle and magnificence come together in the masterpiece of the original Yemeni Ibari Aqeeq. This gemstone is truly one-of-a-kind, combining luxury and authenticity in a single design.

The masterpiece of the original Yemeni Ibari Aqeeq is distinguished by its beautiful colors and stunning gradients. This Aqeeq is known for its rarity and high clarity, making it a true artistic piece worthy of attention. This gemstone also features internal veins resembling needles, which is why it is called Ibari Aqeeq or Yemeni Hair Agate.

With its intricate details and captivating luster, the original Yemeni Ibari Aqeeq adds a touch of luxury and beauty to any piece of jewelry or artwork. You will be amazed when you see how this gemstone sparkles and reflects light in a mesmerizing way.

Enjoy the masterpiece of the original Yemeni Ibari Aqeeq and elevate your elegance and the elegance of your jewelry to a new level. Own a unique piece that exudes authenticity and radiates luxury.

العقيق اليماني الإبري الأصلي
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Size of the cab

Length: 25mm

Width: 22mm

Height: 8mm

To learn more about the details of the original Yemeni Hair Agate (Ibari Aqeeq) and other types of Yemeni Aqeeq, read on. (Yemeni Aqeeq Blog)

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