The magnificent Yemeni Aqeeq - Stunning natural colors and pattern

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The wonderful Yemeni Aqeeq, an authentic gemstone from Yemen, is distinguished by its stunning natural colors and patterns.


Discover the magnificent Yemeni Aqeeq, an authentic gemstone known for its vibrant colors and stunning natural patterns. This unique stone is carefully extracted from the mines of Yemen, renowned for its high quality and rich history that reflects a deep cultural heritage. Yemeni Aqeeq carries the beauty of nature in its finest forms, with artistic natural patterns formed inside it, thanks to its unique mineral composition and special geological conditions in Yemen.

This stone is considered one of the rarest Yemeni Aqeeq gemstones and stands out with its exceptional beauty and rich history. It combines natural beauty with a deep historical significance, making it a perfect piece for gemstone collectors and luxury enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a unique addition to your jewelry collection or a luxurious gift that reflects exquisite taste, the magnificent Yemeni Aqeeq is the ideal choice.

حجر عقيق يماني موضوع على قاعدة عرض أنيقة
A Yemeni Aqeeq stone on the palm of the hand

Size of the cab

Length: 30mm

Width: 20mm

Height: 8mm

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