Shine with unparalleled elegance: the mesmerizing Yemeni Agate Stone in a stunning color.

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The Yemeni Agate Stone showcases a captivating color, truly exquisite.

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Get ready to shine with unmatched elegance with the exquisite original Yemeni Agate Stone in a stunning color. This precious stone is extracted from the mountains of Anis in Yemen, where natural stones are carefully selected to ensure their quality and authenticity.

The original Yemeni Agate is distinguished by its exquisite white lines that stretch across its surface, adding an irresistible charm. It has been shaped in a circular form to enhance its beauty and give it a unique appearance.

This precious stone has been processed and crafted by experts in Sana'a, the renowned capital of Yemen known for its high craftsmanship in jewelry making. The original Yemeni Agate's authenticity has been preserved, and its natural beauty enhanced through meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to every detail.

The Yemeni Agate has enjoyed an excellent reputation throughout the ages, valued and renowned for its high quality and authenticity. It was used and exported worldwide for its unique beauty and value.

Enjoy the unmatched elegance and radiance with the exquisite original Yemeni Agate Stone in a stunning color. This unique natural stone combines authenticity with timeless beauty. Don't miss the opportunity to own this precious stone and indulge in captivating elegance.

العقيق اليماني المجزع بلون رائع
Make your appearance shine with the touch of the original Yemeni Agate Stone in a stunning color.

Size of the cab

Length: 24mm

Width: 24 mm

Height: 8mm

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