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What are the types of Yemeni Agates?

What are the types of Yemeni Agates?

Let us know what types of Yemeni agate are? For details and pictures, please read the following article:

Some types of Yemeni agate according to color:

Red Yemeni agate:

Red Yemeni Carnelian or Yemeni Carnelian as called in English

English translation: It is a type of transparent Yemeni agate that carries shades of red. Its colors range from cherry red to liver brown, then to dark ruby red and slightly lighter pomegranate red. There are also shades of orange, honey, apricot, gold, and yellow. (Yemeni Agate website)ي)

العقيق اليماني الكرزي الأحمر
Cherry red onyx (Agates)

Red agate is known as a famous stone with a dark red-brown color that is used as a semi-precious stone. Wikipedia).

عقيق خام يماني أحمر
Raw red Yemeni agate

There is a definition similar to the previous one
Carnelian is a translucent, semi-precious variety of chalcedony silica minerals whose red-brown color is due to the presence of iron oxides.
the red and and brown colors are due to iron oxides (from Britannica).

العقيق الخام اليماني الاحمر
Raw red Yemeni Agate chunk

Red agate is considered the most famous of the types of chalcedony minerals and has a reasonable price. Its colors range from yellow-orange to red to brown.
The transparency of some types ranges from semi-opaque to highly transparent. (According to the website GemSociety).

العقيق اليماني الاصفر الخام
A large stone of raw yellow Yemeni agate

The importance of agate comes from its relation with health, luck and prestige. The ancients preferred red agate because it was easy to cut and use in jewelry
Also seals and talismans were carved on it. Red agate was associated with royalty, and healers recommended wearing it as a general blood tonic, perhaps because of its red color
Which resembles the color of blood. Some wore red agate to treat nosebleeds, skin diseases, and regulate the menstrual cycle. It is also used by
Others as a stimulant of sexual drives. The ancients considered red agate a lucky stone.

As for the Arabs, they considered red agate to be one of the stones of kings. As it was mentioned that the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace) wore a silver ring with a stone.
Of red agate on his right ring finger. This may explain the great demand for red agate in the Arab and Islamic world. And those who work in
Making agate by engraving some prayers to bring luck and ward off envy. In Egypt, people wear seals to ward off evil and evil and bring safety. (Copied and translated from the website GemSociety).

العقيق العسلي الاصفر الخام
Raw honey yellow onyx - agate

Cherry agate:

A type of Yemeni agate whose color is similar to the color of cherries or slightly darker, so that it tends to black. It is a member of the red Yemeni agate family and is considered a very dark shade of it.

Liver - kabdi Yemeni agate

It is a Yemeni agate from the dark red Yemeni agate family. Its color is brown, resembling the color of the liver. This name is one of the somewhat old names that was traded in the Yemeni agate market for a long time.

Ruby Color Yemeni Agate:

It is a Yemeni agate whose color resembles the color of a ruby. It is a member of the transparent red pomegranate agate family, and this name may overlap with pomegranate agate or light red Yemeni agate.

Yemeni pomegranate agate:

It is a red agate onyx that resembles the color of a pomegranate or is slightly lighter. The most beautiful of them is the high transparency.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟العقيق اليماني الاحمر
Red Yemeni agate - What are the types of Yemeni agate?

Yemeni, sky, or blue agate:

It is a blue Agate onyx that resembles the color of the sky. The quality of this type increases the darker the stone's color, larger size, and free of impurities and defects.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟أحجار العقيق اليماني السماوي
Sky color Yemeni agates

White Yemeni Agate :

It is a bright and transparent white agate that is completely different from the white calcite stone traded in the markets. The whiter and purer the stone
from impurities and being free of other colors, its quality increases.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟العقيق اليماني الأبيض الثلجي النادر
Rare snow white Yemeni agate

Pink or Purple Yemeni Agate:

It is Yemeni agate, which ranges in color from dark violet, then light, then pink in its dark and light shades.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟فص العقيق اليماني البنفسجي
Violet Yemeni agate cabochon

Black Yemeni Onyx (agate):

This type of agate ranges in color from dark black to lighter to grey. This type is divided into transparent agate that may
Some of it is called the slave's lip (Shefat Al-abd), and some of it is opaque onyx, which may be called onyx.

العقيق اليماني الاسود المترش
Yemeni agate, black agate and Faceted agate

Black Yemeni Agate (Orca Whale)

Orca Agate: The Rare and Desirable Stone

What is Orca Agate?

Orca Agate is a rare and distinctive type of agate stone, characterized by its interplay of white and black colors, giving it a unique appearance resembling the outer color of an orca whale [1]This type of agate holds great importance in the field of alternative therapy, which is why it is given various names based on its uses. [1].

Origin of Orca Agate

According to search results on Google, it was previously believed that Orca Agate was only extracted from the island of Madagascar [1]However, this rare type of agate has also been discovered in Yemeni mines, confirming that the type of agate we showcase on our website is natural and authentic Yemeni agate [1].

Characteristics of Yemeni Orca Agate

White and black Yemeni agate, known as Orca Agate, is distinguished by its unique color that resembles the outer color of an orca whale [1]Some types of this agate fall under the category of Yemeni Moss Agate, which is a true masterpiece of nature [1].This gemstone is considered rare and highly sought after worldwide due to its unique beauty [1].

العقيق اليماني حوت الاوركا النادر

We find that these types of Yemeni agate that were mentioned are named according to color, as orange Yemeni agate is similar to the color of orange. And agate
Asali is similar to some colors of honey and apricot is the color of apricot. As we find in historical references, the Tamari and Rutbi agates are similar
dates, dates and other names.

Let us know more about what types of Yemeni agate are? We move to the next section

Some other types of Yemeni agate:

Pictorial Yemeni Agate :

It is a type of Yemeni agate that contains images, symbols, and natural shapes formed in the stone. These images may form on the surface or inside of the stone.
Sometimes the pictured agate comes in the form of complete or partial human images, such as the image of a man, woman, child, etc. It might also be there
pictorial agate with landscape images. Some images are in the form of letters or names of religious symbols, such as the word “Allah” and the name “Muhammad.”
Or (Ali) or Hussein) and other names that have a specific meaning to people.
Other times we find images of well-known places or buildings, such as something similar to the image of the Holy Kaaba, domes, and towers. Types of Yemeni Pictorial agates
May contain pictures of animals, such as a picture of a falcon, a picture of a lion, or a wolf, and some of them are pictures of fish... There are many types of images
which we may find in Pictorial Agate cabochons
The quality of the pictured Yemeni agate depends on the clarity of the image, its beauty, its meaning, and its being 100% natural. It also depends on the type of stone,
Its size, the quality of the work, and the stone’s freedom from defects such as fractures, cracks, and some impurities. We move to the next paragraph to learn more about what are the types of Yemeni agate?

ماهي انواع العقيق اليماني؟العقيق اليماني المصور
Pictorial Yemeni Agate cabochon

Baqrani Yemeni Agate :

According to historical sources, the name of the Yemeni Baqrani agate is given to the agate stone that has a black, white, or red color,
And white, whether the colors are in the form of lines, layers, or overlapping colors. Currently, the classification is expanding to include many colors in which it is used
the shape of the stone as the shape of an eye.

خام العقيق اليماني البقراني
Raw Yemeni Agate stone

Yemeni Dawoody Agate, Eyes Agate:

It is a Yemeni agate that consists of metal points in the form of perfect circles or semi-circles that resemble eyes. The stone may contain one or two eyes or
more. Some of these eyes come in black, brown, or a combination of several colors, and this may be the most beautiful. You may find this type of agate
Some natural photos.

خام العقيق الداووديماهي انواع العقيق اليماني؟
Raw Yemeni eyes agate

Dentritic Yemeni Agate

Yemeni tree (dentritic) agate is a type of transparent agate in different colors and types that contains natural ingredients that resemble tree branches.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟
Yemeni tree dentritic Agate

Muzahhar Yemeni Agate:

It is considered one of the most common types, as the cabochons has several colors, and the name may come from the color of the flowers.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟العقيق اليماني الطحلبي
Moss Yemeni Agate cabochon

Sharaf Al-shams Yemeni Agate

This name is given to the very yellow and highly transparent Yemeni agate. This type of onyx is often associated by some people with
the talisman engraved on the back of the cab

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟العقيق اليماني الاصفر شرف الشمس
Sharaf Al-shams Yemeni Agate

Shefat Al-Abd (slave's lip ) Yemeni Agate

It is a black Yemeni agate that turns red on light. This name is one of the new names that has appeared in the recent period
which may be given to some types Black Yemeni Agates.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟العقيق اليماني الاسود شفة العبد
Black onyx slave lip Yemeni Agate

Bloodstone (Heliotrope) agate

A type of opaque Yemeni agate in which the color of the stone is dark green, light green, or black, with red dots interspersed with these colors.
Or brown resembling the color of blood.
The finest and best of the Yemeni bloodstone is the one in which the color of the stone is a bright, intense green with intense red dots.
Some people give the name bloodstone to the opaque agate stone, whose color is completely red, called blood agate
Blood Jasper without overlapping with green.
In some Arab markets, such as Iraq, in Baghdad, the Kadhimiya area, and in the markets of Najaf, Karbala, Basra, and most Iraqi cities, they call
Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, (Qandash stone or al-Qandash)is the name of the stone. To find more information about this stone in English, Heliotrope Or bloodstone

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟العقيق اليماني حجر الدم
A masterpiece of bloodstone

Sulaimani Aqeeq:

It is mostly opaque onyx and is formed in the form of parallel or semi-parallel lines or layers. Sulaimani agate stone is ginded
sometimes horizontally, the stone is domed until the lines gather on the face of the stone in the form of circles inside each other. Sometimes the stone is shaped in a way
that the lines on the face of the agate cab are straight. There are different types of Sulaimani Yemeni agate, as some of them are in the shape of circles
white, eye-like surface found on the surface of the stone.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟خاتم فضة بحجر عقيق يماني سليماني
Silver ring with red Sulaymani agate

Yemeni Moss Agate:

emeni Moss Agate is a unique type of Yemeni agate stone that stands out with its natural composition of veins and moss in various colors such as green, white, and black. [1]This beautiful gemstone is also known as "Moss Agate" or "Mocha Stone" and is globally sought after for its exceptional beauty. [1].

Composition of Yemeni Moss Agate

Chemically, Moss Agate is composed of chalcedony minerals, with green and non-green veins resembling plant-like formations embedded in the stone, which are called "moss". [1]hese "moss" formations are actually inorganic materials composed of mineral oxides, giving the stone an appearance resembling seaweed or tree branches. It is from this resemblance that it gets its name, Moss Agate. [1].

Types of Yemeni Moss Agate

According to experts on the website of Yemeni Agates In the extraction of Yemeni Moss Agate for over 20 years, Moss Agate can be found in various types of agate, such as red agate, dendritic agate, scenic agate, yellow agate, and many other types of Yemeni agate, when moss formations are embedded in them. [1].

Reason for naming Moss Agate as "Mocha Stone"

Among the different names for Moss Agate, it is also known as "Mocha Agate" or "Mocha Stone". [1]This name comes from the Latin language and was historically used to refer to this type of Yemeni and non-Yemeni Moss Agate worldwide. [1]It was named after the city of Mocha(MOKA) (MOCA), an ancient Yemeni port that was famous for exporting Yemeni coffee worldwide. The name "Mocha" became associated with a type of coffee in the global markets known as "Mocha Coffee [1]And because Yemeni Agate was historically exported through the port of Mocha, this stone was named "Mocha Agate" or "Mocha Stone" in reference to this port. [1].

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟العقيق الطحلبي
Yemeni moss agate stone

Yemeni saffron agate:

Red, yellow, or other colors of onyx interspersed with saffron veins.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليمانيالعقيق النادر
What are the types of Yemeni agate? Yellow Yemeni stone with saffron veins

Snake skin or tiger skin agate:

It is an opaque Yemeni agate (onyx) with spots resembling the skin of a snake or tiger.

Needle agate:

A type of transparent and semi-transparent Yemeni agate that contains what looks like natural needles in different colors and may slightly resemble moss agate.

Ismaili agate:

We find this name given to some types of opaque agate stones that are characterized by bright colors.

Jaza Agate:

According to the common name in the Yemeni market, the name Yemeni Jaza 'Al-jaza Al-Yamani' “onyx” is given to the opaque stone, regardless of its color or type. In Iraqi markets it is called
Jaza is a type of agate that has lines called striations. As for some other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and the Sultanate of Oman
and In the Emirates, we find an overlap in naming by those interested in Yemeni Jaza onyx, so we will be dealing this this website with the term Jaza as to be the two types mentioned in this post

The banded Yemeni Agate:

Al-Majzaa means the banded, that is, the transparent Yemeni onyx with natural lines.. This type is very desirable
especially if it has several contrasting colors.
There may be some overlap between the different names for this type with onyx and cow agate.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟حجر نادر من العقيق اليماني المجزع
What are the types of Yemeni Agates?

There are many names for some Yemeni agate stones, such as the Murad stone, the Maryam stone, and others.

Distinguished stones other than Yemeni agate which are extracted and shaped in Yemen

Green Yemeni jade:

A type of stone similar to agate, but its composition is more composed of quartzite.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟خاتمان فضة بالعقيق اليماني
Two silver rings with Yemeni jade


Quartz stone, known as amethyst, is found in Yemen in different colors and various qualities.

الكوارتزي اليمانيماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟
clear and faceted quartz


Star stone or what is called cordierite.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟
Yemeni, beautiful iolite

and there are many types rare and very distinctive and may not fall within a specific type of the above-mentioned types of onyx. Therefore, this article is a simple overview that contains information that everyone may benefit from. I hope I have succeeded in gathering some information to answer the question: What are the types of Yemeni agate?

Because I always receive the question: What are the types of Yemeni agate? I did my best to collect information for the benefit of everyone.

ماهي أنواع العقيق اليماني؟
rare agate

Some references from several websites for some of the paragraphs above ,were mentioned at the end of each paragraph, with a link to the original topic included.

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