We at the website Yemeni Agates Because we have long experience in the field of selling Yemeni agate, whether inside or outside Yemen, for more than 20 years, we package the shipment in an appropriate manner and deal with the best available, fastest and safest means of transportation in delivering shipments to their destination safely. We tracking the shipment until it reaches the customer safely.

Shipping time:

We ship the goods within less than 24 hours of receiving the payment 

If the payment is made at the beginning of the day, shipping will take place on the same day, especially if the requested goods are ready and there are no customized orders to be made or products to be modified.

If the order value is transferred late in the day, shipping will take place at noon the next day.

If the day on which the value of the products is paid is a holiday in the Republic of Yemen, dispatch will be made on the first working day.

Shipping inside Yemen:

Sending shipments within Yemen is done via local land transportation, we send with the company which has the nearest trip to the desired destination.

When sending the shipment within the city of Sanaa, it takes a few hours to reach the customer. It takes time for the shipment to reach the rest of the Yemeni cities, ranging from a day to less than a week. The customer must communicate quickly and go to the shipping company to pick up the shipment immediately upon its arrival without delay.

Shipping outside Yemen:

There are two stages of external shipping:

The two stages that our Yemeni Agate onyx goods go through when shipped are as follows

The first stage: The products are shipped by land from Sanaa to one of the countries neighboring Yemen, and after that the customer is provided with the first bill of lading number.

The second stage: After the shipment reaches the neighboring country, it is re-shipped via DHL or ARAMEX or FEDEX Or any other means of transportation available in countries neighboring the Republic of Yemen. The customer then is provided with the number of the bill of lading and the name of the carrier for the second stage so that the customer can follow the shipment on the carrier’s website.

This is of course due to the special circumstances of Yemen, as we are currently unable to send directly from Sanaa with the mentioned companies.

How long does it take for shipment to reach customers outside Yemen;

Since the shipment sent outside Yemen goes through two stages, the shipment may need to reach the customer in most cases from two to four weeks. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us WhatsApp To inquire directly about your shipments. 

Shipping costs:

Delivery within the city of Sanaa costs from the equivalent of about $2 to about $6 US dollars for a shipment weighing less than half a kilogram.

Delivery to the rest of Yemeni cities costs from the equivalent of $3 to about $6 US dollars for a shipment weighing less than half a kilogram.

Shipping to the rest of the world starts from about $50 US dollars to about $95 for a shipment weighing less than half a kilogram.

There may be any change in shipping methods depending on the circumstances of the Republic of Yemen, but we assure you that we at Al-Aqeeq Al-Yamani will choose the best possible means that guarantee the safe arrival of your orders.

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